A tour of Bolhao: Porto´s Iconic Farmer´s Market


Bolhao Market, or Mercado do Bolhao, is the most emblematic building of Porto. It has stood in the city centre for generations and has passed the test of time over and over again. The locals of Porto still shop there to this day and consider it truly the heart of the city. Not only does it offer a vibrant atmosphere, it is also where you find the freshest products, namely fruits, vegetables, charcuterie and fish! During this tour, we will enjoy the unique architecture of the building, while meeting some of the sellers, a few of which have been there for over 3 generations. We will get lost in the smells of seasonal fruits and further explore our senses with wine and some small delicacies tastings. We will also visit two of the oldest traditional grocery stores, which due to their proximity to the market, perfectly complete the shopping spree in the neighbourhood.

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Prijs: € 59.00

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