A Taste of Berlin: Craft Beer Tour


Berlin is famous for its craft beer and now you can get a real local taste of it. But, do you know why this cultural tradition is so important for the locals? Forget the stereotypes and tourist traps; you are about to find out the real deal about craft beer on this tour. Get to know how food can have an impact on the craft beer culture, and let a local food expert show you the traditions behind craft beer in Berlin. Learn the cultural significance of this flavorful ritual and get a taste of authentic food like currywurst, and Berliner Weisse because how else will you understand traditions without first trying them! To fully embrace this tour that brings together food and culture, your local host will take you on a journey that includes storytelling, history, and stops at culturally relevant highlights about craft beer like local street art and Gorlitzer Park for a complete experience that will satisfy all of your senses. The local hosts are natural storytellers, each with a different background ranging from local cuisine to city lifestyle. They can't wait to share some of their unique stories and personal anecdotes with you! Feel like changing the route a bit? No problem, the hosts will be happy to personalize the tour to your wishes and make their Berlin, your Berlin!

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