A Parisian Electric Scooter Ride Through History


Discover the history of Paris on a cool ride, an electric scooter. Get a good sense of the history of Paris and the local atmosphere on this private experience that will show you its districts, the typical Parisian passages and the unmissable places of the capital. Plus, I'll tell you all about the history and little local stories while discovering some hidden gems. Your ride will take you to the beautiful old village of Charonne. Away from the tourists, you will enjoy the quiet and medieval vibes as you admire a Church from Middle Ages. Feel the contrast as you move to the lively atmosphere of La Bastille. Here I will take you back to the past and tell you why this place has made French history. Embrace the love as you ride along the Seine. Take the riverside lane and admire the beautiful view of Ile St Louis, a natural island in the heart of Paris. You will also visit the iconic Hotel de Ville, the picture-perfect spot for a nice memorable photo. And don't miss out on visiting the cosmopolitan Le Marais neighborhood. Arrive at the amazing Place des Vosges, the oldest place of Paris, where I will give you the best tips about the museums, restaurants, and cultural events! Make your way back by passing through the small paths in the ancient industrial district, which will show you another facet of the French capital. I'll send you off with tons of other local recommendations and things to do. And let me know how I can make this experience even more unique, I can adapt the tour to make your wishes come true! Other important notes: ** Weight maximum 100 kilos on electric scooter ** For people with an age of 12 years or elderly people (+ 67, not easy). Traffic in Paris could be Dangerous, you have to focus around 3 hours, you must be very agile, prudent and quiet. ** No alcohol is allowed or or just before our trip. ** All reservations will be cancelled and refunded in case of bad weather ( rain, heavy showers, storms, very bad weather and if the temperature is below 11 degrees celsius). ** Choose to wear a comfortable pair of shoes with sturdy ankle support instead of high heels, as well as comfortable clothes that protects your from wind. ** All guests will need to bring a photo/copy of their Passport/ID for a liability agreement. ** All participants need to sign a liability agreement on arrival . A personal (travel) insurance from the country of residence is also mandatory. ** You have to master/control the balance (equilibrium) (like riding a bike) if not, it s difficult to ride electric scooter.

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