A Day Trip Back in Time in Siena with a Local


Siena is must see in the Tuscan area, not only for its underlining beauty but also for its patrimony & history. Before being reunified by the Medici family, Tuscany had been for centuries a land of city-states. One of the richest and proudest towns was certainly the Republic of Siena which, till the very last breath of its life, bravely fought the Florentines for preserving its freedom and civic institutions. Although Siena was militarily conquered and annexed to the Great Duchy of Tuscany, it never lost its town pride and, still nowadays, can be considered one of the most charming and romantic Tuscan gems. A true jewel that you must visit! Join me on this day out of Florence and get ready to discover one of the best examples of a perfectly preserved medieval town center, so precious to be declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. As a son of a Sienese, I will be pleased to introduce you to the city and its secrets. I will explain to you why “Il Palio” is so much more than “just a traditional horserace” or how this town became one of the most influential financial centers of Italy. Take a trip back in time and learn more about this famous city. And if you want to, I can arrange a local lunch where we chat more about what you have seen and think of Siena and I'll keep the stories coming! This experience is 100% private and can be personalized in any way to meet your needs. Let me know how I can make this day trip better!

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