A Beautiful Day Trip: Aveiro, Mealhada & Coimbra.


Explore beyond Porto and discover how at a short distance you can find three cities full of history, tradition & local delicacies. Join me on a private day trip to the traditional cities of Aveiro, Mealhada & Coimbra. Enjoy the Portuguese landscape along the way from your comfortable ride and get ready to feast your eyes with the sights of this three little gems. Discover why Aveiro is considered the Portuguese Venice and enjoy a burst of color when you see its cute houses. Go on a boat ride to explore more of this beautiful place. Make room for a local delicacy at Mealhada, capital of the Leitao a Bairrada, roasted piglet. This succulent treat is a local's favorite & after you try it, it will be your favorite too! Take a trip back in time at Coimbra, the capital of the center region of Portugal, and home of the oldest Portuguese University. The library and the main square of this place are beautiful examples of the 15th-century architecture, and the view over the Mondego River is magnificent. Coimbra is also home of the traditional Fado. Fado in Coimbra is still very attached to its roots, allowing you to see from up close the tradition of Portugal. Enjoy it in the most authentic way, sung by men at night, almost in the dark, commonly near the cathedral. An absolute must! Portuguese culture is worth exploring and this private experience does this & more! It opens you a window to the traditional side of Portugal that not everyone is lucky to see! Let me know how I can make this day trip even more exclusive. Everything is created around you and your preferences.

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