3hr Rome Street-Food and Street-Art Tour on a Vespa


Rome Street-Food and Street-Art Tour on a Vespa is an exclusive 3 hour scooter ride for travelers who are looking to take their holiday to another level. Join me and my vintage vespa collectors friends for a unique tour where you will see the most and the best of unusual Rome. We will take you for a ride on the back of our Vespa and we will stop by all the places in town we knew since we were kids. When we were young students in high-school we used to skip school and have the best Focaccia at the bakery in Campo de Fiori where the scent floods through the streets. Sometimes, with my friends, we had sandwiches in Mordi e Vai, the best sandwich store in the very heart of Testaccio. Those were great times! We will stop by all these places of my memories and many more, and you wont forget the best espresso ever in Caffe di S.Eustachio, just behind Piazza Navona, nor the best street food from one of my favourite place! You will experience best street-food (Italian way) while exploring hidden treasures and optical illusions that visitors rarely get the chance to experience. But this tour is mostly about major Street Art epicenters ! Scooting around this city has been a great adventure and we recently grew passionated in Street-Art. We designed this tour to enjoy this en plein-air masterworks signed by DIAMOND, LUCAMALEONTE, BLU, STEN & LEX and many others. The travelers who want to immerse themselves in local life, Urban Art, history and super-tasty local food will fall in love with this tour. So get your camera (and your tummy !) ready, the Roman most unconventional en plein-air museum is waiting for you on my Vespa!

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Prijs: € 229.00

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