20th Century Icons: David Bowie & Marlene Dietrich with a Movie Fanatic


Berlin is a fantastic place to be an artist - funky fashion, a distinct feeling of freedom and open-minded locals. No wonder the place is credited for the inspiration of many artists, undoubtedly the most notable being David Bowie. The city is also the birthplace of the most iconic German actress of the 20th century, Marlene Dietrich. On this tour, you can explore the Berlin sites of significance for these fascinating artists, as well as other local stars. Let's start the tour next to the Berlin Film Museum - which houses the Marlene Dietrich collection, including her gowns, letters, and memorabilia. If you'd like to visit the museum, let me know and I will create a personalized offer for you which includes the entrance tickets! Did you know Berlin also has a Boulevard of the Stars? We can visit it together, and stop by the star of the famous actress, and other notable celebrities such as Romy Schneider or Billy Wilder. After walking to Marlene Dietrich Square, where the Berlin Film Festival is held every year, we'll continue with the studios where Bowie recorded his famous Berlin Trilogy, which includes Heroes - world-famous Hansa Studios, where U2, as well as Depeche Mode and KT Tunstall, have also recorded albums! Just a short S-Bahn ride away is the birthplace of Marlene Dietrich, in former West Berlin. From here, we'll walk through this lovely neighborhood to the apartment David Bowie shared with his friend Iggy Pop during his Berlin years. I'll let you know why Bowie chose this neighborhood to call home while in Berlin! Hang out like Bowie in a local gay bar, and hear more stories about his life here in the late 70s. Last but not least, you can pay a visit to the cemetery where Marlene Dietrich is buried, as well another famous Berliner - Helmut Newton. This tour can be 100% customized around your wishes, so feel free to let me know! I look forward to being your professional guide who can show you all the ins and outs of these 20th-century icons!

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