Louvre Family Treasure Hunt Tour: Finding Mona Lisa


The Louvre is a must of any visit to Paris even with your kids. Yes, museums can be cool thanks to my fun treasure hunt private tour! Get your loved ones together and let's start exploring the Louvre halls in our search for the Mona Lisa! As an experienced art historian, I created this tour to share my passion with children by bringing art to their level of interest. I have prepared a booklet that each child receives with riddles and funny enigmas engage. This way, your kids will be entertained while learning! Follow me through the museum and listen to the fascinating stories I want to share with you. The whole family will hear anecdotes about famous works of art, become familiar with some historical figures and solve the mystery of the museum at the end! And for being incredible hunters, there's a reward at the end of the tour. Antiques, vivid paintings and statues will be our companions! Are you ready to go on an adventure full of art and legends? Join me! Any requests? Your Family Friendly tour in Paris is 100% personalized!

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Prijs: € 112.25

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