City Escape: Cinque Terre by Train Day Trip


Enjoy your trip to the max experiencing the treasures of Cinque Terre. Explore the region's beauty and be delighted by the different highlights and hidden gems that you'll encounter along the way. Forget about hopping on a tourist bus and let a local take you through Cinque Terre; your way! Now you can spend the day discovering what other highlights lie outside Genoa - trust us; they are worth the visit! As your knowledgeable host takes you on a fascinating road trip where the route is as scenic as it gets, you'll make frequent stops to check out the surprises this area has to offer. See from the Cinque Terre Express train, Manarola, and Vernazza, plus many spectacular views along the way. And with a convenient meeting point, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! To make the trip even more enjoyable, you can choose your local host for the day. Each of the hosts available for this day trip will take you on a unique journey based on their passions and expertise, and of course, also taking into consideration your interests. Our local hosts are natural storytellers, each with a different background ranging from arts and history to real foodies. They can't wait to share some of their unique stories and let you connect with their culture in an enjoyable and inspiring way! Feel like changing the route a bit? No problem, the hosts will be happy to personalize the tour to your wishes.

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Prijs: € 160.30

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